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stanchions best sellers

We know that having too many choices for belt stanchions can sometimes be confusing, so to help you narrow the options we have selected 5 of our best sellers and listed them on this page. Just click on the link to go to the product page for more information and to place an order for stanchions.

Economy Belt Stanchions
cheap stanchions
QueueMaster 550

These cost-effective belt stanchions are ideal for light traffic applications where the stanchions will not be moved frequently. Fitted with the key safety features, QueueMaster offers excellent floor protection.

Premium Belt Stanchions
pro stanchions
QueuePro 250

Tough, durable, and stylish, the QueuePro 250 is the first choice for high traffic places like airports, retail stores, stadiums, and arenas. Available in a range of standard post and belt colors.

Rope Stanchions
rope stanchions
Elegance Crown Top

The matching of timeless elegance and rugged durability makes the Elegance Crown Top our most popular rope stanchion. Its recognizable look is popular at red carpet events around the world.

Wall Mounted Units
wall mount safety stanchion
WallPro 400

This medium length wall mounted barrier is ideal for multiple applications. With a belt that extends up to 15’, the WallPro 400 is used for closing warehouse isles, indoors in terminals, stations, and arenas.

Safety Belt Stanchions
safety master stanchion
WeatherMaster 250

Our model for outdoor applications. Made from a powder coated stainless steel post and a recycled rubber base, this model is fully weatherproof and designed for tough environments.

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